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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Just Like a Woman

Well, May 24th was Dylan's birthday. Even though I soured on Dylan a bit after he threw me out of the Norva show the other month, I figure I should honor the man somehow.

Richie Havens - Just Like a Woman (live July 19, 1999 CNN Center, Atlanta)

What I wouldn't give to relieve the day I saw Richie Havens live in Charlottesville. I remember it started snowing just as I went inside, and when I came out, their was three inches and I had to drive really slow on the freeway. What is usually a 2.5 hour trip took me over 4. (Max...You paying attention?)

Richie Havens is coming to DC in August and I'm going to see him again!! I can't wait.

Check out Richiehavens.com and you can pick up his newest July 20.

Here's a Richie original tune: Stardust and Passion

AND you MUST hear this wicked Beatles cover: Richie Havens - Lady Madonna (for Joe)

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