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Friday, May 28, 2004

Free Ambulance Track

what i'm listening to Right Now: Bob Dylan, Freewheelin' Outakes - Whatcha Gonna Do

I scored this sweet Dylan video from a great seller on Ebay, and he threw in this cd. Pretty awesome. I've bought from him before.

I just got upgraded to XP at work, and I went to download the latest Winamp, and lookie-lookie you get a free Ambulance LTD mp3 (called primitive) when you download the full version (the Winamp's free too). The new winamp is cool. Ogg support, Wma support, Itunes mp4 support all without plugins.

Totally customizable "Modern Skin". I have opacity at 80% and I scaled it down to 80% to take up less space. I'm using the "Varsity" colors.

I hated Ambulance when I saw them live, but this track is so catchy, I'm gonna have to check out more of their recorded stuff. They must of had a bad day the day I saw them live, cause they got great reviews from respected bloggers (follow the link to download the song primitive without getting Winamp).

Slate has the newest "Diary" entry up (I don't want them to end!)

Slate also reviews Regina Spektor's "Soviet Kitsch" (and others). Regina tweaks up her site too (Click "Fun").

Snap and Clap issue 1.5 is out. Stay tuned to them!

Happy Birthday to Me. I'm not really celebrating this year, but still, I'm 27 now. May 17th was this website's One Year anniv. So Happy Birthday to it too! Have a nice Holiday you USA'ns!!

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