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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just go Buy it Already

I was lookin' over my web stats, and someone keeps hitting this site lookin' for Liz Phair Why Can't I wavs/mp3s.

Hey, if you really want to hear that song, turn on a radio, wait five minutes.

If you really want to listen to some Liz Phair, go over to one of the Legal download sites, like Itunes or Napster or MusicMatch (or even Walmart), and download it, and while you're there, get Firewalker since that's actually a good song of her recent album. Just email me already, and I'll buy it for you.

And while we're on legal download services, what is the deal with not being able to listen to the tracks in my player of choice? I've used Winamp for the longest. I have my entire library set up for Winamp. I try to import tracks into MusicMatch, Itunes, Media Player etc. It creates this jumbled mess of artist names, I don't know what to do with it (I'm a computer professional, and it ain't worth my time to redo my huge library of songs to fit their silly system of so-called organization). They take up a huge amount of memory, they take up precious taskbar space. Nothing is as good as Winamp.

Well, I thought I could use Napster to get wma files into Winamp (plus I have an Old-school RCA K@zoo mp3 player that plays wma) so I tried that. Doesn't play in Winamp because of the copy protection.

So, Long story/rant short, Itunes m4p files will play in Winamp 5 which just came out. But you have to have a plugin. So go get winamp 5. Go get the plugin here. and use Itunes. Napster needs to get off their arses and get wma's that'll work in winamp (and my RCA K@zoo) or they'll never see me again.

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