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Thursday, January 29, 2004


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"Great article Derek! But I think how funny the act of yelling "Freebird" can be is inversely proportional to how much the style of the band resembles Skynyrd's. In other words, if you were to yell it at a Jackyl show it wouldn't be funny at all, because they had it slotted for later in the set anyway - after the chainsaw solo of course. But if you yelled it at an Interpol show, instant hilarity.

Posted by: Herbert R. Tarlek Jr. on January 27, 2004 08:47 AM "

Man, reading the comments to this great article made me laugh. Last time I heard someone yell "freebird" was at the Regina Spektor show in August. It's a tradition that just won't die. It's not clever anymore. I like the idea of yelling "It's Raining Men" which seems pretty funny.

Also, this ties into The Onion this week. Concert Ruined by Guy Enjoying Himself.

Ahh, a few light-hearted things to counter-balance my politico rant earlier.

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