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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dean's Iowa Speech from the Crowd

That damn liberal media blew that Dean Speech all out of proportion. See the speech from the crowds perspective. He seems like a normal guy to me. Not like Kerry's dreadful speeches. Kerry's such a Flip-Flopper. I don't think Kerry knows what he believes.

Although, deangoesnuts.com has some pretty funny stuff. (I like the Doctors Dean and Dre one from 1/22/04), Plus I like how the creators of the site are pro-Dean.

Mark my words, a vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush. No WAY that guy wins back the white house. Dean or Edwards are the Dems only chances. Fight Fire with Fire, I Say.

Disclaimer: I'm a registered Republican, but NOT a Bush supporter. I live in a state where anyone, regardless of party, can vote in the primary. I'm not fully decided yet, but I'm leaning towards Dean. But I want to pay more attention to Edwards in the next two weeks (VA's primary is Feb. 10).

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