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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Celeb Mole is Back!

Oh crap! Just as I was getting started on my TV-is-evil discussion with Anise, Celeb Mole is back on the air. Looks like two hours of TV a week for me (the other hour being "Less then Perfect" and "King of Queens"). Of course, it might not be any good without Kathy Griffin. We'll see.

I think the world would be a better place if everyone just watched two hours of TV a week.

Oh, and here's my top albums of 2003 list (you see I had to wait till the year was over to post it):

5) Kimya Dawson - My Cute Friend Sweet Princess
Man, I love this!

4) The Sounds - Living in America
See this is a best album list. Every track on this is good.

3) Mando Diao - bring em in
Super surprising late-in-the-year find.

2) The Strokes - Room on Fire
Yep, this is a great album. After "I Can't Win" I'm DYING for more!

1) Longwave - The Strangest Things
YES!!! All you Sorry bastards paid this no mind. But that's why you're all lucky to have me! I'm telling you that "Less than Perfect" is worth your time, and that Longwave's album is the best of the year. Go out see for yourself!

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