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Saturday, January 08, 2005

I'm too sexy for VH1's Most Awesomely bad #1 Songs Ever

Well, friends. Dear-sweet friends. Should I go to the Bluestate party in DC tonight? I know I can handle the drive up, but the drive back might be a little rough. Wish we had cool stuff like this down here. What if I drive three hours up there and I can't get in?

We do finally have MTV2! It's a little exciting 'cause MTV2 is supposed to play videos. That's the thing about M-tv. They don't even play videos! It's supposed to be Music-Television! Hel-lo! (Sorry Bob, I couldn't help it). In the last few hours in which I discovered MTV2 was on channel 65, I watched this show where I can vote on the next video. It was pretty, uh, neat actually.

Now I'm watching Vh1's Most Awesomely Bad #1 Songs Ever. I like this concept, but I sat appalled at their attempts to disparage "I'm To Sexy." That was a great, nay, brilliant song. They start by saying how the song is a joke. Then they start trying to make fun of the song. Making fun of a joke song. That's pushin' it.

I get the other songs on the list. They're awesomely bad, true, but "I'm Too Sexy" is perfectly simple and makes the point the writer was trying to make, well, perfectly simple. All song writers should strive to make their point in such perfectly simple terms. Now, the Macarena! That's worthy of snarky comments!

Here's the list, but the numbers are backwards. Number 40 is actually number one.


(30 Minutes Later:)

O.K. I was about to post this little write up, when it hit me. I'm Too Sexy is really modern day folk song. I listen to a lot of old "Anthology of Folk Music" stuff and this is really a modern day folk song like those. See:

Matthew Cox - I'm Too Sexy.mp3 (2.3 Megs)

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