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Monday, January 10, 2005

Bluestate by Proxy

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Bluestate Setlist and Photos.

Well, no, I didn't road-trip it to the Bluestate party in DC this weekend. But from what I hear, dancing was in short supply. I'm a dancing machine so it's too bad. The set list looked good. Some are hard to dance too I admit.

My dear-sweet Weird Curves hit up Under the Gun from the Killers EP (a travesty that it's not on the album!). I would have freEEEEAKED out and immediately started moving faster. Then Stellastarr* with Jenny behind it! I would have danced my self out and had nothing left for That Great Love Sound!

I probably would have picked "No Weather" myself, but that's why I'm not a dj and they are. I just don't have good instincts. I woulda had to lay "Poison Ivy" by the Von Bondies out there and "Rich" by the YYY's cause I can wiggle to that one. No one Oops! DJ Leafblower played that Secret Machines song I like (Nowhere Again). I haven't heard of a lot of those bands though so I woulda discovered some new ones I'm sure.

Sounds like a blast. Sorry I missed it.


Talking about Saturday Night Live sketches in my comments a few days ago, here's a music related one:

Cobras Vs. Panthers (5.2 Megs, RealVideo)

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